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Bike Repairs & Maintenance


5$-Flat Repair

7$-Inner tube Installation (parts not included)

10$-Tire Installation

20$-Repack Front Wheel Bearings (parts included)

20$-Repack Rear Wheel Bearings (parts included)

20$-Repack Bottom Bracket (parts Included)

20$-Repack Head Set Bearings (parts included)

15$-Handlebar Wrap Installation

20$-Install Handlebars

45$-Assemble New Bicycle (Including adjustments)

15$-Install A Read/Front Rack (each)

15$-Frame Wipe down

10$-Gripe Replacement

10$-Drive Line Cleaning.

Brake Service And Repair.

10$-Brake Adjustment (front or rear)

Brakes Installation And Adjustment (each wheel)
15$-V- Break
15$-Caliper Brakes
20$-Mechanical Disc Brake

Break Lever Installation
10$-Single Side

Brake Cables and Housing
15$-Brake Cable Replacement (parts included)
15$-Brake Housing Replacement (parts included)

Brake Pad Replacement
10$-Canti and Caliper
20$-Disc Brake Pads (both wheels)

Driveline Service And Repair
10$-Derailleur Adjustment (rear or front)
15$-Rear Derailleur Installation and Adjusting
15$-Front Derailleur Installation and Adjusting
10$-Derailleur Hanger Alignment

Chain Installation
10$-BMX and Single-Speed

Crank Sets
20$-Installation and Adjustment (multi-speed)
15$-Installation and Adjustment (Single-speed)

15$-Trigger Shifter Replacement/Installation
15$-Down Tube Shifter Replacement/Installation
15$-Bar End Shifter Replacement/Installation

Shift Cables And Housing
10$-Shift Cable Replacement (parts included)
10$-Shift housing Replacement (Parts included) 

Cassettes and Free Wheels
15$-Cassette Installation
10$-Freewheel Installation

Regular Tune Up - 45$
Brakes Adjustment
Adjustment or Rear/Front Derailleurs
Check/Add Air to The tires
Clean Up Frame
Lube Chain and Derailleurs + Components

Premium Tune-Up - 65$
Clean Up the Frame
Lube Chain
Check Tire Pressure
Adjust Front/Back Tires
Adjust Brakes
Adjust Bottom Bracket
Adjust Hubs
Adjust Headset

Super Overhaul - 110$

(parts included, new bearings{No includes ceramic beraings} , new brakes and shifters cables)

Clean Bottom Bracket
Clean Wheels and Frame
Clean All the Drive Train
Adjust All Parts/Components
Repack Hubs (front/rear wheel)
Repack Headset
Repack Bottom Bracket
Check Tire Pressure
Lube Chain
Lube Components
Replace Brakes and Shifter Cables

Additional Service and Repairs Available

Pick Up/ Delivery Services

15$-Pick Up/ Delivery Services within 5 miles
20$-Pick Up/ Delivery Services within 6-10 miles
25$-Pick Up/ Delivery Services within 11-15 miles